Emergency information

In life-threatening situations immediately call the emergency ambulance service 144. In all other emergencies call your pediatrician or family doctor. 


If your child is ill and you are worried about, you can call us for an appointment on number 041 612 15 05. Out of our office hours you will find a machine message with the relevant numbers to call.

During the consulting hours041 612 15 05
Out of the consulting hours041 612 15 05
Children’s Hospital of Lucerne: 24-hours-consultation phone0900 554 774 (CHF 3.23/Minute)
Children’s Hospital of Lucerne041 205 11 11
Cantonal Hospital of Stans041 618 18 18
Dental emergency service Obwalden und Nidwaldenwww.sso-uw.ch
Medical emergency service Nidwalden041 610 81 61

Toll free emergency numbers

Toxicological Information center145